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7:00 pm



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6:30 pm

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10:00 am

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6:30 PM

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Rex Howard II

Hyphen Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Committee, Sound Team, Worship Team

At age of seven I wrestled a bear with one arm tied behind my back because it stole my lunch money...just kidding but that probably got your attention.


My family moved to Middletown, Ohio when I was 9 years old during Christmas break after my dad left active duty with the Army. We began coming to Truth Tabernacle shortly after that move. Our first time attending the church was for Sunday School, and I remember receiving extra points to spend at the Sunday School General Store which I spent on candy and toys. Those extra “store points” were really what sealed the deal for me and my siblings on where we should attend church, and we practically begged our mom to shut down the search for a new home church.


At Truth Tabernacle I have received much more than just those Sunday School store points. I was baptized at the age of 12 by Pastor Hidlebaugh and after much wrestling and prayer I received the Holy Ghost during a youth rally at the age of 18. I’ve watched my immediate family come to Jesus. I even found my wife, Amanda, at Truth Tabernacle. Some of the things that I do at church include running the sound system, trying to become a musician by playing bass, teaching the High School Sunday School class, and leading the Hyphen aged group with my wife.


Outside of church I am a public school teacher in Middletown, currently teaching 5th grade. I love reading, sports, comics, video games, looking at old photo albums, keeping up with the latest technology, hanging out with my wife and friends, and finding ways to use John 11:35 in a sermon/teaching of some sort. (Jesus wept...and SO CAN YOU!!!)