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7:00 pm



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6:30 pm

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6:30 PM

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Rob Brainerd

Trustee, Head Usher

Starting at a very young age and continuing through adulthood I attended a Baptist church.  The Lord has always guided my whole life from convictions during high school and college to protection in Vietnam war.


On Sunday morning, November 27, 1988, I was baptized in Jesus name and married my wife Denise that same afternoon. Several years later on November 4, 2001, while attending Truth Tabernacle Church, I received the Holy Ghost and my blessings haven’t stopped.


In 2003 I was elected to be a board member and 2004 was asked to manage any new construction and take care of existing maintenance at Truth Tabernacle.  In 2008 I became coordinator of our great group of ushers.


In addition to the duties which I continue to fulfill, I have had the privilege to head up the men’s ministry in 2011-2013, as well as participate in Christmas plays throughout the years.


On the home scene I have been married to Denise Brainerd 29 years, fathered 4 boys and 2 girls and at present have 2 grandsons. I am a SibcyCline real estate agent as well as own a small construction company. My social activities include belonging to the Veterans Social Command as well as S.W.O.R.D. (South West Ohio Riders Den), both charitable organizations.


My motto is God, Family and Country. I love serving my Lord, helping family, friends, people and enjoying freedom.